This story began with an idea, that evolved into a mistake.

I want to begin this story by thanking everyone for the wonderful support I’ve been receiving for my last two stories.  In the spirit of the theme of ridiculous tales and mistakes from my life, here is the story of my friends and I’s life-threatening experience, going a little off course, coming back from a road hockey tournament in Ottawa.  This one is pretty ridiculous. So buckle up.

We were 8 young adults on the way to our annual road hockey tournament in the nation’s Capital. This was a tradition dating 4 years and it was always promised by the organizers to be the best weekend ever.  The promise was always fulfilled. This weekend was no different.

These 3 days filled with concerts, aggressive ball hockey on the soft asphalt and questionable hotel etiquette.  But that’s not where the story is.  This terrifying tale begins on the ride home.

My friends and I were desperately trying to extend our best weekend ever, so on the way back from Ottawa, we decided to take the scenic route. We veer right from the Trans-Canada highway, hoping to cross the provincial border to la belle province of Québec. This small trail leads us to a strange ferry that transported cars from one side of the Ottawa river to the other. It’s hard to describe but it sort of looked like a parking lot bouncing off the shores of the river with the help of a long copper cable.

It was a Sunday afternoon, we had school the next day.  This was a 6-hour drive. To no surprise, our adventurous spirit won against our reason, so we drove the Nissan Pathfinder onto the platform, and let the river take us to the other side.

We ended up in a variety of strange little towns that were really not what I expected.  It was like the platform brought us to the past. Old worn down buildings, it looked like a ghost town.  This drive was definitely a weird one. But it was about to get weirder.

Someone had the brilliant idea to inspect an old abandoned farm like Scooby-Doo and the mystery gang.  We proceed to park our car, jump a short fence and walk through the field towards the broken down home and barn. Yes, this is trespassing, I am sorry.

What we found was pretty shocking.  The house was exactly what we expected, broken down, full of ancient furniture and features.  But behind the house, a pile of what looked like dog bones caught our eye. I can honestly tell you, I had the weirdest feeling while being there.  Like something was going to happen. That did not stop us from entering the barn.

One of my friends yells out a “CAWKAWW”, meaning we were in trouble.  It was instant panic.  We had spotted people at our car, blocking the road and slowly walking towards us. I could hear one of my friends (who shall not be named) in the back of me whispering “I’m going book it, I’m going to run”. We convince him to walk with us towards the visitors.  In the back of my mind, I was still thinking, please don’t run, I am so slow.  We get close to our new friends, and we got a good look at them.

The first guy was an older gentleman in his sixties.  He was wearing alligator skin boots, a purple silk tuxedo with a bowtie, and a cape.  To top it all off, he was also wearing a fedora with a red feather.  Clearly an intimidating outfit.  He had a strange entourage behind him composed of what looked like his son, and 2 tall women standing in the back of a pickup truck. Before I can get any word out, the man in the purple suit says this “You know someone died in that house before.” He told the tale of a taxi driver from Montreal who took a woman hostage and drove all the way to this house to make his demands.  He got shot down by the police in that very house. He explained how that was his land and was apparently a buffalo farm. With no buffalo’s in sight, this was very confusing.

He topped it all off with the fact that he has access to many higher-ups in some motorcycle gang.

I try explaining to the man in a panic, that we were only stretching our legs. To no avail.  He kept passive-aggressively suggesting that this might of been our last day on this planet, in the calmest voice possible.  This made it even more terrifying.

These are some direct quotes from this encounter:

“You know it’s like the deep south around here, like Alabama.  You step on someone’s property, who knows what might happen.”

“You guys are lucky it was me who found you and not my neighbor down the road. He’s done some crazy stuff. He would do anything for me, ANYTHING.”

Yes, we outnumbered them and probably could have easily run away. But what he was saying froze us.  Eventually, we got out of there with no physical injuries.  But the image remains, of the crazy man with the purple suit and the alligator boots.  If I could just stop one person from trespassing into an abandoned house, this story will have done its job.

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