I have always attempted to sustain a care-free, spontaneous lifestyle. But I will admit it, I have been in sort of a slump. Dire financial situations can take away our focus from our travel goals.

Eventually, this builds up, until I exploded. My care-free idiot side took away any rational thinking, and it was him who was now calling the shots. During a recent trip to Toronto for business matters, I saw a gaping hole in my schedule.

My weekend was wide open for adventure. My friend and I have been discussing some sort of voyage, but we cannot settle on a concret location for a weekend getaway from Toronto. Friday morning comes, and no location catches our interests. We decide to start driving towards the U.S border, passports in hand and camping gear in our trunk, ready for any implusive decision.

As we approach the American border, a thought dominated the conversation in the car. How about New York City? For years, both of us wanted to spend time in the most mystical cities on Earth. The question “Why not?”, has always been sort of a credo for our escapades.

30 minutes before the border, we book a hotel room in Manhattan, and head towards the city so nice they named it twice.

The pictures are some of the highlights from our weekend trip.